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How to use Statcounter

How to use Statcounter

StatCounter’s mission is to help our members easily understand their visitors, so they can make good decisions to become more successful online.

Fast, Responsive, Quick loading Service

StatCounter was born out of the frustration of Founder and CEO, Aodhán Cullen from using a counter service that was loading slower and slower every single day. This slowed down his personal and business websites, which needed to load quickly to keep his visitors happy. Aodhan was sure that there were many webmasters, bloggers, marketers and other website owners with similar frustrations – wanting a fast loading service that wouldn’t slow down their website.

How it Works

How it works!

You could be viewing in-depth webstats and a real-time analysis of the visitors to your website in the next few minutes! Remember, it’s free. What could be better than that!?

  • Sign up for the StatCounter service and we’ll give you a tiny piece of HTML and Javascript code to insert into your webpage.
  • When a visitor visits your webpage with the installed HTML and Javascript code, their anonymous details are sent to StatCounter to be recorded. Their details are gathered either from the counter the visitor loads from StatCounter, or an invisible image depending on your settings. This action takes place instantaneously and the user is completely oblivious and unaffected by it. StatCounter has invested a great deal of time and money to ensure that this load time is instant. The load time experienced by your visitor is monitored daily and we are continually adding more dedicated servers as we grow to ensure instantaneous responses. respects your privacy, and the privacy of your visitors. 
  • The data we collect is then processed and analysed by us and stored in our database servers.
  • This is the fun bit! You can then log into your account anytime night or day to monitor and view your visitors and stats in real-time!

Now the only thing to do is to register your very own free account and start tracking your visitors within the next few minutes!

Marketing Intelligence – Things I look at daily!

By looking at your Statcounter or Google Analytics account you can see who is coming to your site and track if your advertising is leading folks to you successfully.

  • Summary  – Check out the OVERVIEW of your website’s statistics includes VISITORS by Date – UNIQUE vs RETURNING
  • Unique Visits = when someone comes to your site from a different computer (if they are on the site for a few minutes they are only counted once!)
  • Returning Visits = those people that come back to check your site AGAIN
  • Length of Visit or Visit Length = how long were folks on your site? What was the bounce rate? Did they leave immediately after 10-20 seconds or did they spend 1-2 minutes on the site reading? etc.
  • Key Words = words that they searched in Google or Bing that ultimately lead them to YOUR website
  • Recent Visitor Activity – Can see the user IP address, what city they are in, what “referring URL” brought them to the site, what entry page they landed on, what pages they searched, page they exited from, etc.
  • Referring URL = Key to know what people are searching. See if your SEO is working. See if Social Media is referring tracking, etc.
  • Country/State/City/ISP or Location = Get into the DNA of your actual client would be my goal. Let’s try to find figure out what your top ten states are for traffic or top ten cities.
  • Popular Pages = these help dictate which pages of your website need focus and where current leads are! Key is to magnify the conversions by honing in on good content.

Main Features

  • Hourly –
  • Popular Pages
  • Entry Pages
  • Exit Pages
  • Came From
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Recent Keyword Activity
  • Recent Came From
  • Search Engine Wars
  • Exit Links
  • Downloads
  • Download Activity
  • Visitor Paths
  • Visit Length
  • Returning Visits
  • Recent Pageload Activity
  • Recent Visitor Activity
  • Recent Visitor Map
  • Country/State/City/ISP
  • Browsers
  • System Stats
  • Lookup IP Address
  • Download Logs


StatCounter is packed full of useful and powerful tools to help you make better decisions about your website. A list of many of our features is below – just click on a feature for more detail (and check out the Live Demo for a hands-on look!).

Remember, unless otherwise stated, all these features are part of our free service!

  • Log-Size

    StatCounter offers 2 levels of analysis – simple summary statistics for all your pageloads, unique, returning and first-time visitors, and highly detailed analysis of a smaller number of your latest pageloads. This highly detailed analysis is limited to a smaller number of pageloads because it is highly resource intensive. Your log-size determines how many of your last pageloads are included in this detailed analysis. The free service offers a log-size of 500 – if you require more, upgrades are available (see the pricing page for more details).

  • Invisible Counter Option

    StatCounter allows all users to install an invisible counter on their site. This is important if you wish to include StatCounter code on your site without it interrupting the design of your site.

  • Configurable Counter

    If you wish to have a visible counter on your site, we offer a number of ways to customise its look to best suit your site’s design. You can set the font size and color, the background color, and whether to display pageloads or unique visits. A visible counter will allow visitors to your site view your total pageloads or unique visits to date.

  • Configurable Summary Stats

    Configurable Summary StatsThese stats are designed to show at a glance how many pageloads, unique visits, returning visits and first time visits your site has received to date. They can be configured to display data of specific interest in a number of different ways. You can:

    • display summary stats per day, week, month, quarter or year
    • display summary stats for a specific date range or period
    • display summary stats using bar graphs or area graphs
    • toggle on and off pageloads/unique/returning/first-time data

    So, for example, you can choose to view only pageloads for the period 13 Jan 2005 to 26 March 2005, or view pageloads, unique visits and returning visits for the Last 8 Weeks – virtually any configuration is possible. You can also ‘save’ your favourite configuration so that it automatically displays every time you login. Try out our summary stats using the demo here – we’re sure you’ll like them!

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Magnify User

    While browsing recent visitors, you can use the magnify tool, you can ‘zoom in’ on individual visitors:

    Highlighted Magnify Icon ScreenshotYou’ll be presented with a plethora of information such as where they are from, their system settings, what link referred them to your site and their navigation path through your site:

    Magnify User ScreenshotThis kind of valuable detail is available to you as soon as you register a StatCounter account – or you can try out the demo here and have a look!

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Drill Down

    Drill Down is a very powerful tool, and one of the most advanced features StatCounter offers. It allows you to drill down on your stats and view visitors relating to them – because you can drill down on many of the stats StatCounter offers, it’s difficult to provide a comprehensive example, but here’s one way in which this can be used:

    If you go to Keyword Analysis for example, you’ll be presented with something like the following:

    Highlighted Drill Down ScreenshotWe’ve marked the entry for the keyword ‘magic line decorating tips’ – by clicking the page magnifying glass you drill down on that keyword to show all visitors who used that keyword in a search engine to find your site:

    Drill Down ScreenshotAnd, of course, you can then click on the Magnify User icon to get a detailed report on the user and their navigation path through your site!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can drill down on many stats, including Popular Pages, Referring Links, Entry and Exit pages and so on. For example, you could drill down on a page of particular interest – like a checkout page – and see the visitors who loaded that page, and subsequently magnify them to see how they got there. This kind of information is invaluable for optimising your most important pages and driving traffic to them – a combination of the drill down and magnify tools is the wise webmaster’s most potent ally!

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Popular Pages ScreenshotThis tool allows you to see the pages of your site ranked by popularity. This information is important to allow you to identify the most heavily visited pages, and optimise them for maximum impact. It can also help you discover potentially important pages which are getting overlooked – this could indicate poor navigation structure or linking to that page. Of course, you can drill down on your Popular Pages to see which visitors loaded them, and magnify those visitors for more detail.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Entry Pages

    Entry Pages ScreenshotAn entry page is the first page a visitor arrives at when they visit your site. There are often a lot more of these than just your homepage! It’s important that the first page a visitor loads on your site makes a good impression, and this tool can help you identify which pages are the most commonly used entry pages. It can also highlight pages you did not expect to be entry pages, which you can subsequently optimise to keep a visitor on your site and drive them to your key pages. You can also drill down on your entry pages to show the visitors who entered on them, and magnify those users to find out how they got there.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Exit Pages

    Exit Pages ScreenshotOpposite to the entry pages, are exit pages – pages your visitors use to leave your site. No webmaster needs to be told the importance of knowing where their visitors are abandoning their site! This tool shows you the most common Exit Pages, allowing you to optimise those pages to keep visitors on your site.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Came From

    Came From ScreenshotThis is one of the most important stats for any webmaster. This tool allows you to see how your visitors are finding your site, and where they are coming from. This can help you identify, for example, links on other sites that are working and those that aren’t, and help you trace where people are referring to your website.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Keyword Analysis

    Keyword Analysis ScreenshotTraffic from search engines is the lifeblood of most websites, and many webmasters are familiar with the importance of ranking high in search engines for keywords relating to their site. This tool allows you to view the keywords used to reach your site, ranked by their popularity. This can help you identify keywords that are working, and those that aren’t, so that you can optimise accordingly. For example, if you know a particular keyword is generally very popular for your type of site, but StatCounter indicates that it ranks low among the keywords used to reach your site, then there is an opportunity there to optimise for that keyword and generate more traffic from it.

    You can also group keywords according to the search engine used, to focus in on results from specific engines.

    Of course, you can also drill down on a keyword to view specific visitors who used that keyword, and magnify them for more detail.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Recent Keyword Activity

    Recent Keyword Activity ScreenshotThis tool features up-to-the-second reporting of keywords used to reach your site, the visitors who used them, and which search engine was used. The most recently used keywords appear toward the top. You can click the magnify button to view more detail on the visitor who used that keyword.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Search Engine Wars

    Search Engine Wars ScreenshotThis tool allows you to see which search engines generate the most traffic for you. This can be useful in determining if your site is performing as well as it should be in specific engines, or if certain important engines are missing. For example, if Google made up only a small percentage of search engine traffic to your site, it’s a good bet there’s room for improvement for your site on Google!

    You can also drill down on a specific search engine to view individual visitors that came from that search engine – and of course, you can magnify those visitors for more detail.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Visitor Paths

    Visitor Paths ScreenshotThis tool shows you recent visitors to your site, and the navigation path they took through your site. You can use this to identify common visitor behaviour, or unusual navigation paths that may indicate a problem with your site.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Visit Length

    This tool shows you how long your visitors are spending on your site – find out what percentage of your visitors stay for various periods of time. This stat is important, as it can help you determine how much ‘pull’ your website has for visitors – if your visit length is typically low, you may wish to find improved ways to keep your visitors on your site for longer.

    You can drill down on specific visit lengths to view those visitors who stayed for different periods of time – drilling down on short visit lengths and magnifying those visitors will show their navigation path, which may help identify why they only stayed a short time.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Returning Visits

    Every website ideally would like their visitors to come back again and again – this tool identifies what percentage of your visitors are returning (and how many times they’ve returned), and how many are visiting for the first time. If a very low percentage of your traffic is from returning visits it may be useful to identify ways to encourage repeat visits and loyalty from your users.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Recent Pageload Activity

    Recent Pageload Activity ScreenshotThis tool shows you the latest, up-to-the-second pageloads on your website. It displays the most recent pageloads, some details about the visitor that made them, and allows you to magnify for even more detail on that visitor.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Recent Visitor Activity

    Recent Visitor Activity ScreenshotThis tool is similar to Recent Pageload Activity, but instead of displaying recent pageloads, it displays your latest visitors, who you can subsequently magnify for more detail.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Country/State/City Stats

    These stats allow you to identify the geographical location of visitors to your site. Asides from the fun of seeing all the different places your visitors come from, this tool can be useful in identifying if you need to be catering more toward international visitors. For example, if a large number of visitors are coming from another country, it may be worth investigating translated versions of your site, or whether you should accepting that country’s currency (if you’re an eCommerce website).You can also view the State or Regions of your visitors, and the cities they come from.

    Of course, you can also drill down on countries, states and cities to show and magnify individual visitors from those places.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Recent Visitor Google Map

    Recent Visitor Map ScreenshotThe recent visitors to your website are plotted as markers on a Google map. This gives instant visual feedback about the location of your visitors worldwide. Each marker is expandable to give more information about when and how that particular visitor found your website, what webpages they navigated through and how long they spent on the website. The ability to easily zoom in and out on the marker is also available.

    Click here for a Live Demo of the Recent Visitor Google Map!


  • ISP Stats

    This tool shows you the ISPs used by your visitors, ranked by popularity. You can drill down on an ISP and show visitors who use that ISP.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Browser Stats

    Browser Stats ScreenshotThis is an important tool that lets you see which browsers your visitors use to view your site, and which are most popular. Your site may look great in one browser, but does it look good in the browsers used most frequently by your visitors? See which ones you should be checking with this tool.

    You can also expand a particular browser to see which versions of the browser are most popular:

    Browser Stats Expanded ScreenshotAs always, you can drill down on specific browsers for more detail on the visitors who use them.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • O.S. Stats

    This tool shows you which operating systems your visitors use, and ranks them according to popularity. This tool may be useful in determining the technical background of your audience by the types of operating system they use.

    You can also drill down on an operating system to view specific visitors who use it.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Resolution Stats

    This tool identifies the display resolutions used by your visitors ranked by popularity. This can be very useful in ensuring your site looks its best for the majority of your users. For example, if most of your visitors are using 800×600 and your site is optimised for a 1280×720, it may make sense to revise your site’s design to accommodate the majority of your users on the lower resolution!

    Furthermore, you can drill down on specific resolutions to see and magnify indivdual visitors using those resolutions.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • JavaScript Stats

    This tool identifies the percentage of your visitors that have JavaScript enabled in their browsers. JavaScript can be embedded in webpages to introduce dynamic content, but if some of your users do not have JavaScript enabled, it may be worthwhile ensuring your site is still accessible to them.

    Click here for a Live Demo!


  • Email Reports

    Want to have summaries of your stats sent to your email account? We can send email reports every week and every month featuring a summary of your pageloads, unique, returning and first time visitor stats. You can have your report sent to multiple users on your account, or CCed to other email addresses.

    Upgraded members can also receive daily email reports featuring a summary of pageloads, unique, returning and first time visits for the previous day, as well as summarised Keyword and Came From stats.

    To set up an email report; login to your account. Click the  icon beside your project. Click “Add New Report” and fill in the form.

  • Multiple Site Management

    StatCounter offers the ability to manage multiple websites from one account – no need to sign up for different accounts for different websites! Just create new projects for each of your sites, and you can manage your stats for them all from one account.

    To use this feature login to your StatCounter account. Click “Add Project” above your current project(s) and follow the wizard as before. Do not register a new account!

  • User Access Management

    User Access Management allows you to provide access to your account for multiple other users. You can limit access to allow additional users to only view statistics for your projects, or only specific projects.

    To use this feature. Login to your account. Click the lock icon  beside your project name. Tick or untick the users you want to have access to this project. To add more users click “Users” in the top navigation bar.

  • Public Stats

    Public stats allows you to show your website stats to the whole world, unlike User Access Management which gives you a specific username and password to allow one individual to see your stats.

    To enable/disable public stats. Login to your account. Click the lock icon beside your project name. Tick or untick the box to “Enable public stats”. The link provided

    is your public stats link. You can link to specific stats such as the “Came From” by changing the link slightly to

  • A blocking cookie is a cookie that’s stored in your own browser to prevent your own visits to your websites from being logged by StatCounter – this ensures that your sites’ stats are not skewed by your own visits. This can be set and unset at will.

    To use this feature. Login to your account. Click the “Blocking Cookie” link above your list of projects. Click the button to block or unblock your visits frombeing recorded.

  • HTTPS Tracking [Upgraded Members Only]

    If you run a secure site using a secure sockets layer (SSL) your https traffic will only be recorded if you have an upgraded account.

  • Custom Branding Logo [Upgraded Members Only]

    Upgraded members have the option to disable the banner ads on the StatCounter, and also to replace them with their own custom banner. So, for example, if a number of people who work for your site have access to your StatCounter account, you might want to put your own logo in place of the banners.

New Look, Improved Features

As well as a fresh new look, the beta site boasts many improvements and new features including:

  • Date Range Selector for all stats – identify, for example, which Search Engines were used to find your site yesterday. Or last week. Or compare last week and this week. Etc.
  • Simplified Code Generation Process – get your code more quickly. Reinstallation is much easier too.
  • Quicker Sign Up for New Members – fewer clicks, more intuitive process – now you can feel even better about recommending us to your friends and colleages ;)
  • Hourly Stats – based on the log file – watch the hour-by-hour traffic trends on your site.
  • Project Dropdown List – simply toggle between your projects when viewing your stats.
  • Improved Browser Stats – now it’s even easier to monitor the most popular browser families and browser versions used to view your site.

(1) Visits/Pageloads Option

Easily switch between viewing pageloads and visits on the Projects page.


(2) Switch Projects

Quickly flip between projects when viewing your stats – just click the drop-down arrow beside your project name.


(3) Hourly Stats

Watch the hour-by-hour evolution of your stats.


(4) Date Range Selector

Available for all stats – just click “narrow range”. Choose your preferred date range and check the stats only for that period. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual options.

You can also compare different periods if you wish – just click “Add Comparison Period

(5) Keyword Analysis – Options

As for all stats, switch between projects when viewing Keyword Analysis.

Or change the time period being examined by clicking “narrow range”.

Or download a file of all your keywords.


(6) Wrap URLS

Check/uncheck the box to truncate and expand very long URLs.


(7) Search Engines

View the families of Search Engines sending traffic to your site.

Click on a Search Engine family to see a breakdown of the regional search engines sending traffic your way. E.g. Google breaks down to,, etc


(8) Browsers

View the families of Browsers being used by the visitors to your site.

Click on a Browser family to see a breakdown of the different browser versions. E.g. Firefox breaks down to versions 4.0, 3.6, 3.5 etc


(9) Simplified Reinstall Process

Need to reinstall your StatCounter code? No problem! Simply go to “Config” then “Reinstall Code” – we’ve even created a nifty tool which will confirm if the installation has been successful – just click the button “Check Installation“.

Please keep all your feedback coming! The single best way to comment on the new site design is via the feedback button at



If you DON’T like something in the new design, then please DO tell us!

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Seeking impact, Jewish funders convene in L.A.

Seeking impact, Jewish funders convene in L.A.
Reposted from on March 19, 2013. Article by Jonah Lowenfeld

Seeking impact, Jewish funders convene in L.A.


“Philanthropy is what you’ll be remembered for,” Jewish Funders Network (JFN) President Andrés Spokoiny told the 400 attendees at the Beverly Hilton on March 18, the first full day of the group’s annual conference. “Philanthropy is your legacy.”

What the legacies of Jewish funders in the early 21st century will be may not become clear for a generation, but at JFN, philanthropists, scholars, Jewish community professionals and others all engaged with questions about what causes to support and how to best ensure that charitable dollars are being deployed strategically, effectively and sustainably in the long term.

In organized sessions and impromptu conversations, executives working for some of the world’s wealthiest Jewish philanthropists, as well as some Jews just beginning their philanthropic journeys, focused on a diverse range of challenges and specific causes, including education, Israel advocacy, crisis management and the arts.

The separate conversations could be seen as part of a broader discussion about what, collectively, Jews should fund. But the decisions that funders ultimately make are often undertaken alone.

“We have deconstructed the infrastructure systems of the Jewish community,” said Jeffrey R. Solomon, president of Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, during a session dedicated to the not-always-collaborative interactions between local and national funders. “There are no wholesalers. We are all retailers, and that’s not the most efficient way to operate.”

The charity Solomon oversees is well on the way to completing a spend-down of its assets by 2016; another panelist in the room, Yossi Prager, is executive director of Avi Chai Foundation North America, which will spend its last dollars in 2020.

Prager was acutely aware of the impact the disappearance of Avi Chai will have on the world of Jewish education, particularly on local funders who will almost certainly be approached by organizations that had previously depended upon national support for their operations.

“I’m completely sensitive to the local San Francisco funder who says [to a national funder], ‘You came in, you took a little local organization, you made it a big organization, and now you want to leave it in our lap,’” Prager said.

This year’s JFN conference highlighted work being done to advance social change on the grassroots level.

Thirty-two participants joined Rabbi Sharon Brous ok IKAR on a bus tour on Monday to visit social action projects around Los Angeles. Tuesday’s closing plenary session featured a presentation by James K. Cummings, board chair of the Nathan Cummings Foundation, and the organization’s president, Simon Greer, about their recent experience of the “Food Stamp Challenge,” by which individuals attempt to feed themselves for a full week on the minimal allotment given to those on nutritional assistance programs (just under $37 in New York; just under $35 in California).

The Cummings Foundation also announced the creation of a new $1 million matching fund for organizations involved in Jewish social justice efforts.

The reasons the funders attend JFN’s conference are as diverse as they are.

Ami Aronson came to JFN from Washington, D.C., where she serves as the managing director of theBernstein Family Foundation. Aronson’s grandfather — financier and real estate investor Leo M. Bernstein — died in 2008, at 93; the family foundation made $330,000 in grants in 2011 to organizations focused on Jewish causes, democracy and the arts.

“What JFN does is it helps us celebrate and strengthen our assets as Jewish philanthropists,” Aronson said.

E. Randol Schoenberg, an attorney who has focused his philanthropic energies serving as president of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, said he couldn’t help but think that his personal charity of choice – a museum whose approximately 30,000 annual visitors are predominantly non-Jews – was something of an outlier at JFN 2013. Much of what he heard was focused on charities that serve mostly Jewish people.

“It’s interesting,” Schoenberg said. “What attracts attention and what’s reaching a lot of people are different things.”

For the Jewish funders who came to Los Angeles from out of town, the plenary session on Monday morning offered a taste of what Jewish life in this sprawling city can offer. Jay Sanderson, president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, described his city as one to which Jews came “to escape Jewish institutions, and to build new Jewish institutions.” The speakers who followed him continued in that vein.

Then Joshua Avedon, co-founder and COO of Jumpstart, a think-tank and incubator dedicated to fostering Jewish innovation, moderated a conversation with philanthropist Peter Lowy, who holds leadership positions at a number of L.A. nonprofits, including serving as chairman of TRIBE Media Corp., parent company of the Jewish Journal. Jill Soloway, a TV and film writer, director and producer, who founded the innovative and itinerant Jewish community East Side Jews, was also on the panel.

Lowy and Soloway both talked about the importance of innovation and reinvention in attracting Jews to Jewish events and bringing the disaffected into Jewish institutions in L.A.

As an Australian, Lowy, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Westfield Group, said he tends to “hate” the status quo and authority, “even,” he noted, “when I’m the status quo and I’m the authority.”

Soloway, meanwhile, recognized that East Side Jews, which has organized events in multiple spaces around the region, is now playing against type by making its home the Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center.

“The building is there, the people are there,” Soloway said. “How do we put them back together?”

Rabbi David Wolpe, who addressed the conference-goers at lunchtime, made a case for funding local synagogues and Jewish schools — the “unexciting places” that have kept Jewish communities vibrant for generations.

“When I go out and push my synagogue,” Wolpe, who is spiritual leader of Sinai Temple in West L.A., said, “I talk about Friday Night Life and the special bar mitzvahs and all the innovative programs. But they’re actually not what I’m proudest of.

“What I’m proudest of,” he continued, “is the morning minyan and the Shabbos service and the shivacommittee, and the fact that we have a Bikur Cholim committee that goes and visits people in the hospital – in other words, all the things that institutions do day after day after day that are the lifeblood of a real people.”

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LogMeIn – Remote access & screensharing for meetings, trainings and more

LogMeIn – Remote access & screensharing for meetings, trainings and more

LogMeIn Pro gives you fast, easy remote computer access from your devices over the web in HD.  Transfer files, print remotely, or keep machines up to date from any computer or your mobile device.


Access your computer
desktop, applications
and files.

Quickly and easily work with a remote
computer as if you were sitting in front of it.
100% free.Learn More

HD Quality

Experience HD video
and sound streaming.

Remote control has never been so slick.
Watch videos in high definition and stream
sound remotely.Learn More

Mobile Access

Get to your computers from your iPad/iPhone.

Control your computers on the go with
LogMeIn on your iPad/iPhone.
It’s completely free.

Available on the

App Store

Learn more about Android access.

File Transfer

Always have your
files with you – even
pictures and videos.

Easily and securely transfer large files
between computers through file manager.
Synchronize, copy or move entire folders
from one computer to another.Learn More

File Share

Sharing your files is
fast, easy and secure.

Share files without sending email
attachments or relying on portable drives.
Simply send an auto-generated link to the
file so it can be securely download from
your computer.Learn More

Remote Print

Print a file on your
remote computer to
a local printer.

Print documents located on your remote
computers to the nearest printer.Learn More

Remote Management

Manage computers
from anywhere.

Easily support, update, diagnose and
solve problems with zero disruption
for end users. Plus, when combined
with LogMeIn Central, Pro lets you
deploy LogMeIn software, manage
Windows updates, automate
software installation and more.Learn More

Desktop Share

Troubleshoot remotely with screen sharing.

Share your desktop with a friend or colleague to collaborate, train or troubleshoot right from your computer without any additional software.Learn More

Desktop Shortcut

One click, and you’re connected.

Quickly connect to a remote PC or Mac with a one-click shortcut conveniently located on your desktop.

As an added benefit, phone support is available for Pro users 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.



How it Works


You have a dream.

To be in two places at once. For example, to go on vacation and be in front of your home computer at the same time.

One. Create your LogMeIn account.

Go to, click the Try It Free button, and follow the on-screen instructions to create your account. Remember to use a valid email address.

Two. Install your LogMeIn Pro trial.

From your home computer, log in to your new account at, click Add Computer and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ve just installed a free trial of LogMeIn Pro. Way to go. When the trial is over, you can buy a Pro subscription or continue with LogMeIn Free.

Three. Connect anywhere, anytime.

Now, leave your home computer on and connected to the Internet. Then, while on vacation, just log in at from any computer, find your home computer listed on the Home page, and click the Remote Control button. That’s it.

You can also connect from your smartphone or tablet using LogMeIn for iOS or Ignition for Android.

Your dream just came true.

You’re in two places at once. You’ve launched remote control and you’re using your home computer as if you were sitting in front of it . But, of course, you’re not. You’re on a beach somewhere. View a photo. Listen to a song. Grab a file. Run any application. Your dream. Your call.




Update the LogMeIn plug-in for Mac

1 After you click Install Mac plug-in now, a .dmg file will be downloaded to your computer.
2 Locate and double-click the .dmg file to open the LogMeIn Plugin Installer.
3 Double-click LogMeIn Plugin Installer to launch the installer wizard.
4 On the installer wizard, click Install.
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Branding / Marketing Coach?

Branding / Marketing Coach?

Want to hire a marketing consultant, but feel you can’t afford it?
Ready to rebrand, but first want someone to soundboard your ideas?


Broekman will make everything accessible and attainable.

Having offered 100s of past clients business development, branding, publicity, marketing, PR, advertising, social media and IT advice, BROEKMAN has a wealth of knowledge to share including best practices, industry benchmarks, what’s working, and pure gut instinct tailored for you.

INTERESTED in something more serious like a BRAND AUDIT?
BIZDEV Plan? yes, that’s cool talk for Business Development Plan 😉
Tailored Marketing Plan?


to help you get off the ground, execute the thought process and take you to the 50% marker
without spending your entire budget!!

Let BROEKMAN know where you want to go, and we’ll work HARD to get you there.


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BROEKMAN extension classes – How to edit your website!

BROEKMAN extension classes – How to edit your website!

Ever wanted to learn how to do basic HTML? Learn the principles that will empower you to manage your own website or blog?
Don’t necessary want all the responsibility, but would love to learn the principles of managing?

Well, Jeremy Broekman has just the right amount of patience to teach just about anyone
how to overcome their fear of BREAKING THE CODE and learning the principles of managing it.
As part of our engagements in website development, we always try to teach our clients the
principles so that when errors happen things can be fixed pretty easily with a basic understanding.

Interested? Use our contact form and we’ll let know you when the next class fills up!

COURSES can be conducted online using, GoToMeeting screen-sharing technology combined with a conference call! If you are a Greater Los Angeles or OC local, Broekman can meet live in person!



  • How to Use WORDPRESS – $85.00/hour
  • Basics of html – $85.00/hour
  • 2-hour private one-on-one session – $150.00 flat fee
  • Private training for marketing & communication department – prices range per person
  • Beginners Crash course – $275-
  • Intermediate Crash course (have basic skills, but want to go to next level) – $350-
  • Become a Website Developer (ready for the whole lot!) – $850-

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Domains, Hosting, DNS, email oh my!

Domains, Hosting, DNS, email oh my!


When staging your website for launch…

GoDaddy – Working with Preview DNS

Date Submitted: 10-29-2012

Preview DNS lets you test your website prior to launch to ensure it displays and behaves properly on GoDaddy’s hosting servers before modifying your domain’s DNS record. This is beneficial when you are setting up a website for a domain that is currently active, either in your account or with another hosting provider.

When you enable Preview DNS, a subdomain is created on our server that temporarily houses your website. If Preview DNS is applied to, the preview URL is

NOTE: If you have multiple domains on your hosting account, preview them using where path is the folder for your other domain.

Any internal links in the code are translated to point to the Preview DNS site. This process ensures that all paths can be tested appropriately prior to pointing your DNS record to our hosting servers.

NOTE: Some features such as Flash® and JavaScript do not work with Preview DNS.

To Enable Preview DNS or Preview Your Site

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Click Web Hosting.
  3. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Launch.
  4. In the Server Details section, click Show details
  5. Click Preview to display your primary domain’s DNS information.
  6. If Preview DNS is not already enabled for your account, click Enable. If it has expired, click Renew.
  7. If Preview DNS is enabled, click Preview.

NOTE: Preview DNS expires after 14 days but may be reactivated at any time by repeating these steps.

To Make Your Site Live

In the Server Details section, click Preview, and then click Make this site live.

NOTE: If your domain’s DNS record is not under our control, you will not see the Make this site live button. You must manually update your A record with your hosting account’s IP address for your site to publish to the Web.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is real strength of ours. We have a proven track record with SEO basics as part of our WordPress Website Development projects. We follow many benchmark best practices, but also have successful experience with deploying plugins to strengthen site content, communicate better with bots, yield better search engine results and get 1st page ranking quickly. We offer a number of ways to do “after market” SEO basics to pick up where other wordpress installations have left off with those inexperienced. Our core focus is to yield some natural great ‘organic search’ strength in the short term and, with some real investment in search engine optimization / SEO programs, we can let the “science” lead us through the long haul!

The best way for me to demonstrate my success in achieving results is to have you search literally in Google, Bing or Yahoo any of the below mentioned key words. Strength depends on the zip code and state, but generally speaking I have been on 1st page guaranteed for ANY of these words, if not top position! Please feel free to ping me or email me if that’s not the case in your area! (Within a week of getting your challenge, we’ll hopefully move up!).


  • Customer base / DNA analysis
  • Key Word Analysis (research, reconnaissance, recommendations)
  • Comprehensive Website Analysis & Audit
  • Analysis of Statistics (tracking visitors) and marketing intelligence reports
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Website Optimization – content, copy, keywords and images
  • Basic SEO new website best practices
  • Search Engine submittals
  • Link Building programs / back-link creation
  • Social Media SEO Strategies & Profile Development
  • Online PR Optimization
  • Blog Development & Thought Leadership
  • Target audience / channel marketing & SEO





  • Synagogue Branding – #1
  • Jewish community marketing – #1, #2 and #4   (#1 for 4 years)
  • Marketing to the jewish community – #1, #5, #6  (#1 for 4 years)
  • Jewish Marketing Agency – #1, #3
  • Jewish marketing – #2
  • Jewish marketing consultant – #2
  • marketing strategy jewish clients – #2
  • jewish community grants – #7
  • jewish marketing plan – #6 and #7


  • How to set up godaddy email on iphone – #1 – FEATURED
  • Google “communications websites” – #1
  • Google “b.c.” or “bc” –
  • Google “broekman partner”
  • Google “godaddy email on iphone” – #6 along with ONLY godaddy links


What’s My SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.

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Non-profits can apply for NO MONTHLY FEE (FREE) PayPal Payments Pro account

Still have transaction fees for processing credit card transactions for donations, fundraisers, membership, events and school registration fees, but saving $360.00 a year is amazing start to integrating online payments for YOUR non-profit!

With an amazing partnership with a Third Party form developer called JotForm (, making shopping carts (or donation forms, event registration forms, sign up forms,  concert payments, membership forms, product shopping carts, merchandise purchases, etc. etc.), is EASY.

DON’T BELIEVE ME?? Click any of the boxes with quick links below!





See Pricing Below

SOLUTIONS PayPal Payments Standard PayPal Payments Advanced PayPal Payments Pro Discounted Nonprofit Rate
MONTHLY FEE $0 $5 $30 $0
SETUP FEE $0 $0 $0 $0
(based on monthly sales)$0 to $3,000
2.9% + $0.30 2.9% + $0.30 2.9% + $0.30 2.2% + $0.30
$3,001+ to $10,000 2.5% + $0.30* 2.5% + $0.30* 2.5% + $0.30* 2.2% + $0.30
$10,001 to $100,000 2.2% + $0.30* 2.2% + $0.30* 2.2% + $0.30* 2.2% + $0.30
$100,001+ 2.2% + $0.30* 2.2% + $0.30* 2.2% + $0.30* 1.9% + $0.30
(Swiped and PayPal transactions)
2.7% 2.7% 2.7% 2.7%
(Typed and scanned transactions)
3.5% + $0.15 3.5% + $0.15 3.5% + $0.15 3.5% + $0.15
(based on monthly sales)$0 to $3,000
N/A N/A 3.1% + $0.30 N/A
$3,000+ to $10,000 N/A N/A 2.7% + $0.30* N/A
$10,000+ N/A N/A 2.4% + $0.30* N/A


If your transactions average less than $10, you could save money with our “5% plus 5¢” rate.

The pricing table above applies to domestic payments in US dollars. There’s an additional 2.5% charge for any currency conversion and a 1% charge to receive payments from another country.

*Merchant Rate Qualification Required

When your monthly sales exceed $3,000 and you’ve been a PayPal member more than 90 days, please fill out a one-time application, subject to approval.

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