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Advertising to Moms in Los Angeles

Advertising to Moms in Los Angeles


I’ve been working with Jen Levenson of Jen’s List and Linda Perry of Peachhead for a LONG time. I discovered how to market to mom’s groups while promoting Storyopolis’ mommy & me reading time with guest & celebrity authors to preschool and elementary school kids. That grew into a partnership with the Screen Actors Guild Foundation BookPALS program and many more relationships.

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, one must think out of the box of traditional advertising in order to get in front of key decision makers.

Between a combination of these advertising vehicles for BLAST EMAIL and Facebook advertising to geo-socially target city specific moms… your business development grassroots marketing plan will be one step closer to success.



Place an Ad on the Los Angeles Peachhead Group

Peachhead2 is a popular online Parenting support group in Los Angeles. Peachhead reaches over 12,000 Los Angeles parents each day. The Peachhead2 Email Group hosts roughly 5,000 total parenting messages per month. The Peachhead2 Ads are sent as dedicated e-mails with only your business information in the posting directly to the members of the group who receive e-mails. It is also posted amongst the group’s messages and are thus widely read by our families.

Peachhead Ads are very powerful, as the Peachhead2 email group is a famous addiction of our local families. By posting an ad with Peachhead you are informing parents in the Los Angeles area about your business, and any specials you would like to offer Peachheaders. The penetration of Peachhead Ads makes them ideal for announcing classes, camp openings, events, and anything else which requires instant visibility for your offerings.

Peachhead has been featured in the New York Times, The Today Show, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and more! Peachhead was recently ranked as one of the top 12 Listserv Parent Networks in the country by Babble. Peachhead is a parent recommendation based site with over 5000 messages going out monthly among its members. Peachhead has been featured in the New York Times, which declared that “a rave or a thumbs down from Linda Perry can make or break a business.”Peachhead’s purpose: to make family life easier for both parents and children.

Peachhead Ads can be up to 500 words. Subject line should be no more than 40 characters. Graphics are not available. * Pricing is $200 per Commercial Post.

Peachhead will also post casting notices, focus groups, and surveys as a regular posting for $100 per post. For More information, please contact Linda Perry at

Advertising Information

Ready to go?
Send your ad via e-mail to Linda Perry at
Include the following information:

Name of Company:
Contact Person:
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:
How is payment being made?
Subject Line Heading – Must be less than 40 Characters
Company Ad – 500 words or fewer, no graphics
Peachhead Discount – optional
Pay via paypal to or make a check payable to Peachhead Families and mail to:
Peachhead Families
333 Washington Blvd., #430
Marina del Rey, CA 90291

Peachhead ads are non-refundable. If there is a computer or internet error and the ad cannot go out as scheduled, every effort will be made to send the ad later that day or the following day at the latest. You will be refunded the money for the ad if the ad cannot be posted within 24 hours of its scheduled day. Peachhead will not be responsible for any monetary losses due to an ad not going out as scheduled. Please have your ads to me within 48 hours for proofing.
CLICK HERE to book your advertisement: 

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Sponsor to a Jen’s List daily e-mail newsletter which reaches nearly 17,000 families (and growing) in the greater Los Angeles area. As useful as it is informative, Jen’s List is like getting an e-mail from your up-to date, and totally in-the-know SUPER mom. Jen knows about the latest and greatest products and services in the greater Los Angeles area- and always shares the scoop via the Jen’s List e-mail newsletter. SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a Top Sponsorship by April 10 and get a Free Silver Spot ($100 value)! 

Jen’s List has several sponsorship options to choose from:

Get even more exposure for your business or service with multiple sponsor discounts:

Two – Three Sponsorships (at time of purchase) 10% Discount
Four – Five Sponsorships (at time of purchase) 15% Discount
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If Sponsorship is not right for you at this time, you can still support Jen’s List by making a contribution, and you are always welcome to submit content for consideration for inclusion in a future newsletter.

How to Sponsor a Jen’s List Newsletter

  1. Fill out the form below and Submit.
  2. After submitting you will see a link to pay via Paypal. (Please note: you are not required to create an account with Paypal — you can pay with a credit card and bypass the PayPal registration.
  3. Jen will contact you with any questions, and let you know what day your sponsored ad will run. Please note that Top Sponsorships are usually booked about 2 weeks out with occasional openings sooner, while Gold and Silver spots are generally available within one week. If you have any questions, or if you want to contact Jen about being scheduling your post sooner, feel free to contact Jen.
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How to use Statcounter

StatCounter Installation with WordPress.

StatCounter is a free web traffic analysis service, which provides summary stats on all your traffic and a detailed analysis of your last 500 page views. This limit can be increased by subscribing to their paid service.
Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 5.12.50 PM

To activate the StatCounter service for your WordPress site:

  • STEP ONE: Sign Up with StatCounter or add a new project to your existing account
  • STEP TWO: The installation process will detect your WordPress installation and provide you with your Project ID and Security Code. The installation instructions are also available at
  • STEP THREE: Install the above PLUG-IN in WordPress or via FTP.
  • STEP FOUR: Go to PLUGINS and you’ll see “Statcounter Admin” section. Plugin in Project ID, Security Code, confirm position as FOOTER (highly recommended to not conflict with Javascripts in your header) and I always check off Force Invisibility! Then you’re tracking.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 5.14.06 PM

StatCounter Code for Default Guide

These instructions assume that you are installing StatCounter on a standard, directly edited website (i.e. that you access and edit the raw code of the site).

  1. Copy the code above (CTRL+C)
  2. You now need to access the raw code of your website. The raw code of your site will look something like this:Raw Code Of Your WebSite
  3. Generally, you access the raw code of your website using the FTP login details for the site.
  4. The FTP details will usually be available from the hosting provider (e.g. GoDaddy, HostGator or OR from your Server Administrator.
  5. You can use any website editing software e.g. DreamWeaver, Editplus to log into your site and edit the raw code.Editplus
  6. It’s very important to install StatCounter in the correct place on your website i.e. just inside the closing “body” tag – </body> – as indicated below. Simply copy and paste your StatCounter code into this position on each page of your website. Don’t forget to save your changes.Editplus
  7. If your website contains a small number of pages it will be easy to do this manually for each page. If your website contains a large number of pages, you may want to investigate installing StatCounter automatically on all pages of your site, or perhaps editing the template of your website (if used) to include StatCounter in the footer of all your pages.

Check Installation

StatCounter can visit to check that your installation is working.

Check Installation

More Help:

If you are having any problems at all with installation of the code on your website, please email us with your question. We will reply as soon as possible — usually within 24 hours.

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