Foursquare Executive Relocation

Foursquare Executive Relocation

Foursquare Executive Relocation

On the approximate 17th Anniversary of its launch, I proudly present my first website produced solely by my own hands. Screenshots below!

From July 2001 to May 2002, I served as Marketing Director of FourSquare Executive Relocation’s Amsterdam, The Netherlands offices. I was recruited to establish and launch their new corporate identity and branding campaign of newly founded Amsterdam-based executive relocation company. After 17 years with another partner, they decided to part ways and create a new direction. Together, Michelle Bar Pereg and I launched a comprehensive brand management, marketing, advertising and public relations campaign.  I provided re-engineering operations, business development strategy and consulting services along with Jeffrey Tromp and a board of advisors.

Absolutely adored working with Michelle’s husband, Josef Bar Pereg, a brilliant, intelligent and artistic designer who taught me the foundations of graphic design, art direction, layout design and more. Honored to have served with him!

Foursquare went out to be acquired by Cendant Mobility Services Ltd. (also provides relocation and related management services). The company is based in Swindon, the United Kingdom. Cendant Mobility Services Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Cartus Limited (

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