How to embed slideshare slideshow on wordpress website

How to embed slideshare slideshow on wordpress website

SlideShare offers users the ability to upload and share publicly or privately PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios.

Embedding a Slideshow

To embed a slideshow from SlideShare, please follow this guide.

  1. 1. Visit SlideShare to create your own slideshow – or find one that already exists. When viewing the slideshow, click the Embed button at the top of the screen.
    Screenshot 2013-12-06 08.45.42

  2. 2. A popup will appear above the slideshow. Click the Customize button, and then copy the code from the field titled “Shortcode for blogs”. It should look like this: ‘[slideshare id=…’.
    Screenshot 2013-12-06 08.45.49Screenshot 2013-12-06 08.46.04

  3. 3. COPY the Shortcode !
    Screenshot 2013-12-06 08.46.16

  4. 4. Paste the code into a post or page on your blog and publish it. The slideshow will look similar to the one below.

[slideshare id=25901437&doc=bc-130904195312-]


You can also change the width and height of your slideshow by adding these parameters&w=650&h=500 to the end of the shortcode.

Example: If you use this shortcode your slideshow will be displayed at 650px wide and 500px high.
[slideshare id=25901437&doc=bc-130904195312&w=650&h=500]

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