Jewish Wisdom and Wellness Conference – A Week of Learning

Jewish Wisdom and Wellness Conference – A Week of Learning

Jewish Wisdom and Wellness Conference – A Week of Learning

After collaboration and development for more than TWO YEARS,BROEKMAN communications recently launched a new branding initiative and website for Hebrew Union College’s Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health and Cedars-Sinai – the Jewish Wisdom and Wellness: A Week of Learning website:

The Week of Learning will take place between April 21-27, 2013 and is a community-wide series of events, lectures, workshops, and experiential classes hosted by community organizations and synagogues {SEE: Partners page} throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. The week opens and concludes with special events hosted by the Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health and Cedars-Sinai {SEE: Opening and Closing Events}

The Week of Learning is interdisciplinary, and the programs {LISTED BY DATE} offered are across the streams of Jewish life. It is around the theme of Judaism, health, and healing that we engage our communities and deepen relationships with one another. Programs will mine the Jewish tradition to focus on improving health and well-being in the Jewish community. There will be rich Jewish texts and rituals to address illness and wellness, and exploration of how Jewish resiliency and the practice of medicine informs Jewish living. We will draw on Judaism’s rich and distinctively multifaceted influences in religion, spirituality, culture, and peoplehood.

BROEKMAN communications role:
Creative Director responsible for Identity Campaign (logo development, letterhead, organization collateral);
Design, coding and development of Website including search-engine-optimization and social media tools;
Launch of initial Call for Programs {} campaigns;
Initiated development of organization’s marketing & communications; and,
Helped with numerous community engagement pieces.

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