Linkedin – How to edit your profile

Linkedin – How to edit your profile

Editing Your Profile

Courtesy of LINKEDIN: How do I edit my profile?

Last Reviewed: 12/10/2014

You can go to your profile and move your cursor over any section and click to add or remove content:

You can also individually add, change, or remove content on your profile. For most items:

  1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
  2. Scroll to the section you’d like to edit and move your cursor over it.
  3. Click into the field and add or remove text.
  4. Click Save.

You can click the View Profile As button in the top section to see how your profile looks to your connections and the public.

Sections you can edit in your profile:

  1. Name – First, last, and former names.
  2. Headline – This information will default to your current job title. Learn how to update your professional headline. Note: If your headline is the same as your current position, the current position won’t display in the top section of your profile.
  3. Location – Learn how to update the location listed on your profile.
  4. Industry – Learn how to update the industry on your profile.
  5. Photo – Learn how to add a professional photo of yourself.
  6. Contact Info – Learn more about editing your Contact Info, including your email, phone, IM, and address (only visible to connections), as well as your Twitter handle and web sites.
  7. Summary – Information about your mission, accomplishments, and goals.
  8. Experience – Professional positions and experience, including jobs, volunteer posts, military, board of directors, nonprofit, or pro sports. Learn more about adding, editing, or removing these items.
  9. Education – School and educational information. Learn more about adding or removing education.
  10. Recommendations – You can request professional recommendations and display them on your profile. Learn more about recommendations.
  11. Certifications – Certifications, licensures, or clearances you’ve attained can be added as a new section. Learn how to add certifications and other sections.
  12. Courses – Adding your body of coursework can help your education to stand out.
  13. Honors & Awards – Show off your hard-earned awards.
  14. Languages – Languages you understand or speak.
  15. Organizations – List the organizations or associations you’ve been a part of along with your role.
  16. Patents – Any patents you’ve applied for or received.
  17. Publications – Publications that have featured your work.
  18. Projects – Showcase the projects you’ve worked on, along with team members. Learn more about Projects.
  19. Skills & Endorsements – A relevant list of skills on your profile will help others to understand your strengths and improve your ability to be found when opportunities present themselves. Learn how toadd and remove skills on your profile. You can display endorsements of your skills that your colleagues have given you. Learn more about skill endorsements.
  20. Test Scores – List your scores on tests to highlight high achievement.
  21. Volunteer Experience & Causes – Organizations you support, causes you care about, and the types of volunteer opportunities you’re looking for.
  22. Additional Information – Interests, personal details like your birthday or marital status, and advice for people who want to contact you.
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