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Guide to Non-Profit Marketing in 2015

Guide to Non-Profit Marketing in 2015

I run a boutique marketing agency with a presence in Los Angeles and Newport Beach serving non-profit clientele throughout the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

I’m passionate about providing my “champagne marketing on a beer budget” for-profit/corporate resources, tools & experience and assist non-profits and start-ups to “catch up” to their perceived competitors.

My firm provides an incubator/investor full-service no-holds-barred approach to helping our clients achieve their goals. Our core offering includes:

* Brand Management & Identity Campaigns

* Anniversary Campaigns, Celebrity Endorsements & Traditional PR

* Marketing Plan Development & Implementation

* Website / Content Management System Development {CMS}

* Search Engine Optimization {SEO} & Online PR

* Social Media Campaigns & Moderation

* Online Advertising, Pay-Per-Click & Facebook

* Donor Relations Campaign Development

* Community Engagement Marketing

* Leadership & Board Consulting

* Event Production & Sponsorship

I’ve been speaking to university students at USC, UCLA, AJU and numerous youth organizations for the past 14 years. Since my early days at Universal Studios Television, I have helped translate my experience of being in a small start-up environment within the studio system with limited resources/budgets/funding, and how we stretched our perception, brand proposition, experience and value to the limit when creating multi-million dollar campaigns on a shoestring budget out of thin air based on HOT air! I represent the entertainment and corporate environment of learning from “the man” to help the proletariat, the underdog, the hustler, the cause related fighter, etc.

With nearly 20 years professional work experience with non-profits, foundations and cause marketing, Jeremy Broekman is leading a workshop based on real-world experience with real client examples showcasing the benchmarks of donor relations and member relations campaigns that will change the face of your non-profit.

With a mixture of lexture, motivational speaking, experiential exercises, and real off-the-cuff participant client improvement, participants will walk out of this workshop renewed, motivated, reenergized and empowered to take next steps to change their organization’s direction asap.

* How to use social media more effectively

* Creating PR opportunities of existing community activities

* Developing a stronger marketing plan with old guard/conservative leadership

* Baby steps to changing the face of the organizations marketing

* Rethinking your organization’s touchpoints with members and donors and improve the engagement to increase membership and donors

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