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Heatmaps – tracking what visitors click on your website

Heatmaps – tracking what visitors click on your website

Tracking visitors with Google Analytics or Statcounter is one thing, but really understanding what catches their eye and what they click on? COME ON, you totally want to know.

WELL thanks to APPSUMO, we’ve got a free wordpress plugin to install. Heat maps with 1-click will show you instantly where people are clicking so you can improve your page to get them to do the things you want them to do. http://sumome.com/app/heat-maps

Download WordPress Plugin

Click the download button to save sumome.zip to your computer.
Want us to install it for you? Email us your information.

Upload plugin

Upload sumome.zip to your WordPress website.

Activate plugin
Click Activate Plugin to activate the SumoMe plugin on your WordPress site.

Setup plugin

Continue to the SumoMe for WordPress settings page to complete setup.

Admin for SumoMe

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