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How to use Statcounter

StatCounter Installation with WordPress.

StatCounter is a free web traffic analysis service, which provides summary stats on all your traffic and a detailed analysis of your last 500 page views. This limit can be increased by subscribing to their paid service.
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To activate the StatCounter service for your WordPress site:

  • STEP ONE: Sign Up with StatCounter or add a new project to your existing account
  • STEP TWO: The installation process will detect your WordPress installation and provide you with your Project ID and Security Code. The installation instructions are also available at http://statcounter.com/wordpress.org/
  • STEP THREE: Install the above PLUG-IN in WordPress or via FTP.
  • STEP FOUR: Go to PLUGINS and you’ll see “Statcounter Admin” section. Plugin in Project ID, Security Code, confirm position as FOOTER (highly recommended to not conflict with Javascripts in your header) and I always check off Force Invisibility! Then you’re tracking.

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StatCounter Code for Default Guide

These instructions assume that you are installing StatCounter on a standard, directly edited website (i.e. that you access and edit the raw code of the site).

  1. Copy the code above (CTRL+C)
  2. You now need to access the raw code of your website. The raw code of your site will look something like this:Raw Code Of Your WebSite
  3. Generally, you access the raw code of your website using the FTP login details for the site.
  4. The FTP details will usually be available from the hosting provider (e.g. GoDaddy, HostGator or JustHost.com) OR from your Server Administrator.
  5. You can use any website editing software e.g. DreamWeaver, Editplus to log into your site and edit the raw code.Editplus
  6. It’s very important to install StatCounter in the correct place on your website i.e. just inside the closing “body” tag – </body> – as indicated below. Simply copy and paste your StatCounter code into this position on each page of your website. Don’t forget to save your changes.Editplus
  7. If your website contains a small number of pages it will be easy to do this manually for each page. If your website contains a large number of pages, you may want to investigate installing StatCounter automatically on all pages of your site, or perhaps editing the template of your website (if used) to include StatCounter in the footer of all your pages.

Check Installation

StatCounter can visit http://www.iffilmfest.org to check that your installation is working.

Check Installation

More Help:

If you are having any problems at all with installation of the code on your website, please email us atsupport@statcounter.com with your question. We will reply as soon as possible — usually within 24 hours.

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