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Configuring DNS for your GoDaddy email in cPanel

Big shout out to GoDaddy customer support for constantly empowering clients like me to effectively do our jobs!
After migrating a domain from another Godaddy account, unbeknowst to me we inherited DNS settings for legacy GoDaddy email. Gotta clear the cnames and start adding everything below so it matches this exactly. Figure this, to save $30, 40 or $80 a year on free email with hosting…. you should be willing to take a hit for the team and get someone to manage your DNS!

If your domain isn’t registered in the same account as your hosting or it’s registered elsewhere, use the following DNS records for your cPanel shared hosting account’s Web hosting and email.

NOTE: DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to take effect across the Internet.


Record Type Host Points to
A (Host) @ Your hosting account’s IP address. For more information, see Finding Your Hosting Account’s IP Address.
CNAME www @
CNAME mail @
MX (Mail Exchanger) @ mail.[your domain name], for example mail.coolexample.com

NOTE: Use MX Priority 0

You must delete any other MX (Mail Exchanger) entries in the DNS zone file for your email to work. The MX entry listed above should be the only MX entry.

If you have your cPanel site set up on a subdomain (e.g. cpanel.coolexample.com), replace each instance of “@” with your subdomain and use the domain name including the subdomain in the MX record.

If your domain is registered here, you can make these changes through your domain’s DNS manager. For more information, seeManaging DNS for Your Domain Names.


You do not need to add all of these records to your zone file, but doing so will make certain functions work, such as Autodiscovery through Outlook.

Record Type Host Points to/Value
A (Host) admin Your hosting account’s IP address. For more information, see Finding Your Hosting Account’s IP Address.
CNAME autoconfig @
CNAME autoconfig.admin @
CNAME autodiscover @
CNAME autodiscover.admin @
CNAME cpanel @
CNAME ftp @
CNAME mail @
CNAME webdisk @
CNAME webdisk.admin @
CNAME webmail @
CNAME whm @
CNAME www.admin @
TXT @ v=spf1 a mx ptr include:secureserver.net ~all
TXT admin v=spf1 a mx ptr include:secureserver.net ~all
Record Type Service Protocol Name Priority Weight Port Target
SRV _autodiscover _tcp @ 0 0 443 cpanelemaildiscovery.cpanel.net
SRV _autodiscover _tcp admin 0 0 443 cpanelemaildiscovery.cpanel.net

You can also remove the following DNS entries:

CNAMEs — email, imap, pop, and smtp

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GoDaddy new Linux web hosting with cpanel

GoDaddy new Linux web hosting with cpanel

We recently set up a few new accounts with GoDaddy and have had an overall really positive experience with the revamping of all WEB HOSTING packages. We understand how some found GoDaddy’s custom interfaces confusing, well now Godaddy has leveled the playing field with a really nice User Interface including Linux Web Hosting with cPanel, Windows Server 2012 Hosting with Parallels Plesk Panel. Gone is the pure Linux vs Windows with GoDaddy’s backend (unless you have an existing account like me… yes, we are SOL until we set up a new plan!!!). 🙂

BUT, definitely ADDED VALUE.

1) Free Domain with purchase to get you started with your business, non-profit or organization

2) The email plans we were so use to buying and then having to upgrade to get imap support for iphones/ipads now is INCLUDED within your plan. Those emails, while they may show up in your Email Module, are actually TIED 100% to your hosting. If you cancel or switch hosting, and need to configure again, BE MINDFUL THAT YOU WILL LOSE YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNTS as they are TIED TO YOUR HOSTING cPanel or Plesk!!!! I lost emails twice over the weekend without knowing this relatively new feature. GONE are the days of upgrading the 1 user 1GB account to a 2gb 2 user account or the recent 10 accounts for unlimited space!!! GONE!

3) Definitely the newbies entering the GoDaddy space will by far benefit from these packages. It’s those of us who have set up 200, 300, nay, 400+ accounts and are so used to our old medieval ways…. we must CHANGE and w w w . M O V E O N . c o m.
Yes, go with the flow. We are not old yet. We can handle a few more of these. Don’t give up. Still the best in customer service overall…. even with the mishaps. They make up for it in the end.

We as developers MUST prepare better communication with our clients

* Predict what issues may arise by laying down a launch plan and play an active role in the IT / back-end aspects (don’t get scared)- once you have the foundation it will be copy/paste/repeat again;
* Expect the unexpected (yes, weird glitches can happen with ANY hosting company; still best UP TIME across the board);
* Overcome the problems by presenting solutions.
* Own your mistakes and don’t be quick to just blame GoDaddy (or Bluehost or Network Solutions). Sometimes the error is on us. Clients appreciate honesty and transparency and not the finger pointing. 🙂

Screenshot 2014-02-18 22.27.06

Screenshot 2014-02-18 22.27.02

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