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Blast Email / Email Blast / Email Marketing campaigns

Blast Email / Email Blast / Email Marketing campaigns

BROEKMAN communications has been at the forefront for developing custom tailored blast email programs.  In addition to working on marketing automation campaigns with aWeber, Salesforce and other platforms, we’ve been mastering Constant Contact, MyEmma and Mail Chimp to create email marketing campaigns.


(1) Develop custom email Master Template for {CLIENT} including

– Responsible for creative development using {CLIENTS}’s style guide
– custom header/footer (to be customized per employee)
– styled fonts
– company logo
– boilerplate company information
– custom footer sections
– custom area for including photos and/or google maps
– custom body text area for description/features/benefits/advantages
– up to ten (10) links to either landing pages, social media or dedicated website

(2) Create email template variations with minor differences from Master

Template including different options

(3) Develop a brand new account with either Constant Contact, Mail Chimp 

or MyEmma – Set-up account with {CLIENT} credit card and contact info
– Install all the above aforementioned templates
– Develop one master mailing list for {CLIENT} and set-up 20-25 per employee segregated lists ready for importing (as opposed to creating one account for each employee, which increases the amount of work, but perhaps gives sense of independence from corporate home account with brand consistency).
– Train staff on how to manage mailing lists and deal with importing contacts
– Develop new report for exporting key results from each mailing (opens, clicks from links embedded, traffic to site, traffic to pdfs, etc.)

(4) Coordinate efforts with {CLIENT}

– Teach staff how to upload key agent / staff PDFs to website server for use on each email
– Teach staff to become resourceful and utilize technology!!
– Coordinate efforts on how use of social media (linkedin, slideshare, facebook fanpage) may affect future sales/business development/marketing

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AWeber – Email Newsletters and Campaigns with Marketing Automation

AWeber – Email Newsletters and Campaigns with Marketing Automation

Email Newsletters – Create and send professional email newsletters in a matter of minutes.

Sign up now at 


Signup Forms

Automatically deliver a sequence of messages to new subscribers.

Manage Subscribers

Collecting, managing, and segmenting your subscribers is a snap with AWeber.


Automatically deliver a sequence of messages to new subscribers. Marketing Automation at its Best. Be able to have emails sent to those that OPEN YOUR emails a few days after with an offer. Be able to send automated emails to those who DON’T OPEN your email with a reminder. Send an email to those with an offer 10 days later with a reminder to come back to buy what they came for!! and establish your value.

HTML Email Templates

Over 150 templates make it easy to create great-looking emails.

Blog Newsletters

Automatically create emails from your newest blog posts.

Email Analytics

We make it easy to track your performance.

Subscriber Segmenting


Target subscribers based on their actions with a single click.

Email Marketing API

Integrate third party applications with AWeber.

Email Deliverability

AWeber helps you reach the inbox.

Customer Support

Have a question about AWeber? We’re here to help.

Additional Resources

Additional resources about
AWeber’s Email Marketing software.

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