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BROEKMAN extension classes – How to edit your website!

BROEKMAN extension classes – How to edit your website!

Ever wanted to learn how to do basic HTML? Learn the principles that will empower you to manage your own website or blog?
Don’t necessary want all the responsibility, but would love to learn the principles of managing?

Well, Jeremy Broekman has just the right amount of patience to teach just about anyone
how to overcome their fear of BREAKING THE CODE and learning the principles of managing it.
As part of our engagements in website development, we always try to teach our clients the
principles so that when errors happen things can be fixed pretty easily with a basic understanding.

Interested? Use our contact form and we’ll let know you when the next class fills up!

COURSES can be conducted online using Join.me, GoToMeeting screen-sharing technology combined with a conference call! If you are a Greater Los Angeles or OC local, Broekman can meet live in person!



  • How to Use WORDPRESS – $85.00/hour
  • Basics of html – $85.00/hour
  • 2-hour private one-on-one session – $150.00 flat fee
  • Private training for marketing & communication department – prices range per person
  • Beginners Crash course – $275-
  • Intermediate Crash course (have basic skills, but want to go to next level) – $350-
  • Become a Website Developer (ready for the whole lot!) – $850-

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How to use JotForm?

How to use JotForm?

Screenshot - Form Builder

JotForm is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder. Its intuitive drag and drop user interface makes formbuilding a breeze. Using JotForm, you can create forms, integrate them to your site and receive responses by email.

Check out this tutorial to learn more about JotForm:
Creating Your First Form

Find out more information about using JotForm on our user guide:
Visit User Guide Now!

JotForm’s online form builder helps you create and publish web forms on anywhere, anytime. Use it to collect payments, registrations, leads, and uploads.


Screenshot - Charts

Your account information

BROEKMAN communications will send you YOUR username and password and teach you how to configure! Typical we set everything up:
1) The Forms themselves
2) Thank You message appearing on computer screen of user who filled out form
3) Thank You auto-responder email gets sent automatically to that user upon submitting form
4) NOTIFICATION auto-responder email sent automatically to any decision makers/stake holders regarding NEW USERS that COMPLETE THE FORM.

Login to your account now:

Have questions? Post on JotForm Forum:

Forgot your password? Request a reset:
Reset your password

Click to Watch JotForm Video!

JotForm in Two Minutes Movie

Watch this two-minute movie to learn how to use JotForm to create web forms.


Download iPhone App

Free iPhone App

Install free JotForm iPhone app to receive and access your formresponses anywhere!



How to Create Your First Web Form

You’ll learn how to create a simple web form, set up notifications, embed a form to a website, test out the form to see if it’s working 100%, and see responses both in your email and JotForm inbox. Learn all of it in 2 mins with the video below.Text-…

How to Use the Form Templates

This method is the easiest & fastest way to get form templates in the world. With 6 clicks you’ll be able to get a predefined form in your archive.Text-instructions:1. Go to “my forms” in the navigation bar.2. Click “create form” underneath the J…

Quick Overview of Form Themes

If you want to know how to change themes on your forms click here.If you’re here to just look around to see how the form’s style changes with each theme applied enjoy the tour.DefaultNova ThemeJot ThemeBaby BluePaper GrayPost It!Denim JeansIndustrial…

How to Change Form Themes

Forms come with the default Nova theme but if you want to change to other form themes, there are many themes that we’ve built to fit on any kind of site. However, if you want to get into more customization & detail on your form themes, we recomme…

Quick Overview of Form Fields

JotForm has pretty much any type of form fields you might need. Take a look at our 40 unique form fields and get a brief description of what each one of them do. Heading: Add 1 main heading to indicatewhat your form is about. Secondaryheadings …

How to Change Form Fonts

There are few web-friendly fonts which can affect the readability & design of your web forms. You can’t use any font you want just because you think they look pretty. You need to think about your customers too. We’ve searched & gathered the b…

How to Change Font Size on Forms

Changing the font size of your forms couldn’t be emphasized more. Knowing who your audience will help you choose the right font size on your forms. Let’s say you’re dealing with elder people. Will you still use 12 as a font size? Your web forms…

What’s New on JotForm 3.0?

Improved Online Form Builder: We’ve made many improvements on our online form builder technology however, user testing showed that one feature specifically improved user experience and that’s the unlimited undo/redo feature. Survey Form Tools:&n…

How to Change the Status of Forms

What’s so important about changing the status of your forms? For example, a client may want you to start up a particular form in December 16 for a Christmas sale and pause until next year. You have to be prepared for similar consequences.Text-instruc…

How to Export Form Data to Excel?

1. Login to Jotform2. Click “My Forms” on the top3. Click on the Form name you want to export submissions to Excel from4. Click on “Submissions”5. Scroll down the page, On the Grid Table-Right Above the Submission Date title- you     w…

How to Save a Form

A lot of you may not realize it right away but normally your form’s are saved automatically almost immediately after you update them. But what happens if you forgot to click Finish, or Complete, or Update, or even worse the Save Button? Perhaps in th…

How to View Pending Submissions

If a user closes the browser or didn’t settle the payment after being redirected to the Payment Page, this will be logged as a Pending Submission. It will only be posted as a valid submission if the user completed the Payment and …


What’s an Online Form Builder?

If you need to create great looking web forms quickly, an online form builder is the best tool for the job. Simply drag & drop questions and form fields around. Play with the colors and structure of your forms. The fun part is, you can do all of …

How to Create a Lightbox Form

“Lightbox is a JavaScript technique used to display images and other web content using modal dialogs” -From Wikipedia A lightbox form is a window that pops up when a visitor clicks on a link which the link is usually your form. It looks somethin…

Making the Form Background Transparent

When you want your forms to blend in with your site design easily, making the background transparent is the most common way. Here’s a quick video on how to do that.Text-Instructions:1) Open your form in edit mode.2) On the top toolbar click on “Form …

How to find Field IDs & Names

Customizing field appearance using CSS is common in JotForm. Now, finding out the field ID is made easier for customizing every bit of your form. Instead of using Firebug or viewing the source code of the form, you can simply go to the field properti…

Adding an Email Confirmation Field

There are instances that email address are mistyped which makes it hard to get in touch with users. With the use of the email address confirmation feature, such problems can be prevented.Text-Instructions:1. Start by opening your web form in “My Form…

How to Add a Captcha

Why would anybody need a captcha field?The Answer is simple, a captcha helps protect your forms against spammers and spambots that are programmed to attack websites flooding them with tons of unwanted information by requesting that a physical code wo…

How to Create a PDF Form

A PDF form is extremely useful for sharing and compiling form documents. JotForm provides the quickest way to convert your online form into a PDF format. Watch the short video below or look at the text-instructions to quickly create yo…

Upload Field Allowed File Types

There were many questions about what file types does our upload field support. The default file extensions types that are already supplied and accepted are:”pdf, doc, docx, xls, csv, txt, rtf, html, zip, mp3, wma, mpg, flv, avi, jpg, jpeg, png, …

How to Setup Thank You Page for a Form

What is a Thank You Page?Thank You Page is where your form user lands to after submitting the form. JotForm has 3 different thank you page options:1. Default Thank You page2. Custom URL 3. Thank You message. To access these T…

Creating a Non-editable Text Area (Terms of Use, Etc.)

Most, if not all web forms gather sensitive user data. As website/business owners, you will want people who submit on your forms to accept your terms before submitting their information – for whatever legal purposes it may serve.Oftentimes, a link t…

How to Take Pictures on your Forms

Ever think of taking a cool picture of yourself and stuff with your webcam straight from your form? That’s possible with JotForm with Filepicker.io Integration! Follow these 4 simple steps and be ready to say “Cheese!”1. Login to JotForm&nb…

How to Display a PDF Document On Your Form

There are two ways to display a PDF document inside a form. The first one is by embedding it directly using iFrame tags, but will require that the user’s browser has Adobe Reader installed. The other method utilizes a hack to display the PDF using G…

Increasing the Upload Limit

Here is how you can increase the maximum upload file size limit:1. On the Online Form Builder, click on an upload field.2. You will see a toolbar at the top. Click on “Max File Size” button.3. Enter a number to increase the upload form file size limi…

Form Field Positioning

Field positioning is essential in designing your forms matching to your website structure. There are times that you want to keep two or more fields on the same line, side by side, as well as keep other fields in their own line. Luckily, JotForm provi…

Restoring Deleted Forms

To restore deleted forms, please follow the steps below:1. Simply go to your My Forms Page2. Click the Trash button beside the Search Bar.3. Click on your deleted form, and click Restore Form.4. Click Main button to view…

Form Cloning

1. Go to the My Forms page2. Click the form you wish to clone (copy) 3. Click More > Clone Form (screenshot)Bam! Your done :)Alternative Method(May be more convenient if you have many forms)1. Go to the My Forms page2. Click Cr…

Changing the Form Width

You may want to change your form’s width according to the size of your website. You can easily do this with JotForm.While you are editing your form click on the “Form Style” tab on the toolbar:Then click on the Form Width button to adjust your form’s…

Adding a License Agreement to a Form

Sometimes you may need to check if a user approves your licensing conditions and you want it to look as professional as you can. Don’t worry, adding a license agreement to a form is an easy task with JotForm. Let’s say you want to create a terms and …

Cloning a Form from a Web Page

1. Click your browser’s address bar and when the URL becomes highlighted, hit [Ctrl+C] to copy it. (If the URL does not get highlighted, first hit [Ctrl+A] to select it, then hit [Ctrl+C].)2. Go to the My Forms page and click Create Form:3. Clic…


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