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Digital Marketing Agency – Preliminary Scope of Work

Digital Marketing Agency – Preliminary Scope of Work

We’ve seen a surge in referrals asking for proposals. We therefore created this page to help with intake interviews and preliminary scope of work to determine what tactics are key to our collaboration.

Below is a quick preliminary scope of work list to guide our collaboration.

  • Transform brands and professionalize corporate culture.
  • Encourage collaborative environments.
  • Facilitate process that taps into your creativity, getting into the heads of your leadership & management, and translate that vision into tangible results.

Happy Collaborating! 


Preliminary Scope of Work PROPOSAL =====

  • Brand Activation Set-up.

    • Audit, Assessment & Intake Interview
      • Situation Assessment
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Stakeholder / Client DNA Analysis
    • New Logo Development
    • Business Card Development
    • Develop e-Signature email + e-Letterhead
    • Facebook Fanpage Development
    • LinkedIn Profile Development
  • Dedicated Website Brand Development.

    • Research and Acquire domain matching brand and with search engine optimization (SEO) potential
    • Set-up hosting and install WordPress
    • Acquire WordPress theme that provides current and future functionality/design
      with ability for growth, integration of tools, expansion, serviceable by theme author, etc.
    • Create Site Map / Table of Contents and Website Menu- Create landing pages with strategic content
    • Include Security Protocol package to minimize any hacking and seal website
    • Include Website Analytics & SEO package to maximize website search success
  • SEO Package

    • Determine rich keywords and SEO friendly terms to maximize impact
    • Complete a “Googlization” of the site including Google Webmasters Tools, Google My Business set-up, Gmail account set-up, Search Console integration, Google Analytics set-up an integration, etc.
    • Onsite SEO package to get us started – Yoast Plugin, sitemap submissions, per page optimization
    • Offsite submissions and SEO – back-links included
    • Ensure Social Sharing integration – FB like, promote on Linkedin, tweet, etc.
  • Lead Generation Program

    • Develop lead generation / marketing plan
      (minimum 2-3 hours to develop together). Marketing can and SHOULD include other elements including website banner advertising, key organization/business-to-business/trade advertising, sponsored email advertising, sponsored advertising via social media channels, influencer marketing, blog advertising.
    • Social Media channel marketing
      Including specific campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Slideshare, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Vimeo, etc.
    • Pay-Per-Click advertising
      Strategy, copy writing, keyword selection, image/asset collection and set-up of accounts.
    • Facebook Set-up
      Minimum 3-4 hours set up first campaign with 3-4 rotating ads/variations. Requires Facebook Ad Budget – minimum $100/wk – $400/mth
    • Google set-up
      Minimum 5-6 hours set-up campaign with 40 keywords and variations of ads). Requires Google PPC Ads Budget – minimum $400/mth
    • Blast Email Marketing.
      List cultivation. Design email blasts. Oversee distribution. Report Opens/Clicks. Monitoring leads/website visitors. Determine Return on Investment (ROI) AND Return on Engagement (ROE)
    • Direct Mail targeted campaigns. Could include EDDM (direct to door) marketing.
      Strategy, Design, Print & Oversee Fulfillment.

Who Are We?

Digital Marketing Agency specializing…


What We Do


Build & repackage brands leveraging integrity/history making them relevant, viable and competitive.

We transform brands and professionalize corporate culture. We bring visionary creative services. We encourage collaborative environments. We tap creativity by getting into the heads of your leadership & management and translate that vision into tangible results.
Brand Design & Management. We bring savvy ‘studio branding’ tactics, corporate marketing/PR initiatives, visionary creative services, and solid BizDev optics/perception-building tools to take you to the next level.


Marketing Director + Publicist + Social Media Director + Creative Director/Graphic Designer in ONE

Delivering high end high impact marketing firepower, brand strategy, creative identity platforms and promotional might for luxury companies throughout U.S., Europe, Costa Rica and Middle East. We will redesign your corporate identity – from logo, business card, website and social profiles to setting virtually all your print collateral, advertising, investor relations, public relations & digital collateral needs.


Since 2000, we’ve successfully created  brand management programs, identity campaigns, creative platforms and style guides. We understand that our clients sometimes need guidance, copy, messaging & direction – the plan; and others, they need the deliverables and marketing collateral. We listen to what you want and deliver what you need.



We build successful brands.
We make things happen with our infectious enthusiasm, our will for immediate action and our passion to serve.
We Tap creativity by getting into the heads of your leadership, management & marketing leaders through situation assessments, creative briefs, recon and research.
We then export your corporate identity while manifesting brand strategy & marketing/PR initiatives.
You walk away with a strategic creative platform / a visionary launch pad to drive your business.
It’s RARE when work with a firm that can handle digital marketing and design/printing/traditional marketing well… let alone an agency with  with sales, publicity, communications and marketing background in one.


As a publicist and communication/branding specialist, this is our daily mantra.

RATES & PROGRAMS – Please contact us and we’ll be happy to do a free consultation and give you a proposal based on your preliminary scope of work!


Did you know? We also….


We are charismatic connectors, motivational speakers, master networkers, change facilitators & innovation creators.

We create opportunities for your team to think together, collaborate effectively and team build. Effective strategic leadership through charismatic, direct, clear, concise and assertive communication practices. Effective feedback. Strategic planning. Team building.  Your management/leadership team will achieve a greater sense of personal buy-in, purpose and passion to drive the business successfully into 2018 and beyond.

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Branding Agency near me

Branding Agency near me

At the crossroads of strategy and return on engagement/return on investment, BROEKMAN communications delivers strategic brand and identity campaigns. We’ve worked with 100s of clients over a nearly 20 year period. As tech-savvy, innovative and hard-working GenXers at heart coupled with the drive, motivation, determination and persistence of hit-the-ground-running prove-yourself 20-somethings, we’ve got the perfect combination to help entrepreneurs, small-to-medium size businesses and start-ups take things to the next level.


  • Brand development / activation – new logo, website, showcase portfolio/services & all that goes with it
  • Repackage organization – new leadership, new board, new direction or turnaround
  • Lead generation – take business to next level with new funnel & short/long term tactical campaigns
  • Digital Marketing – Social media mix plus pay-per-click advertising plus online PR
  • Positioning & messaging – yes and, we can handle the implementation like practitioner pros
  • Creative & design – graphic design, logo design, collateral design, advertising design, book layout & design, etc.
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – expert onsite and offsite services
  • Digital Advertising – expert Google PPC, Facebook PPC, social media PPC & banner advertising designed for results (website traffic, facebook likes, post promotion, awareness building, film launch, album launch, book launch, speaker for hire promotion, etc.)
  • Business Consultingfrom business development consulting to board retreats designed to build clarity, cohesion and team building for success
  • Public Relations, Publicity & PR – founder started as entertainment publicist for Universal Studios and field publicist for dozens of studios

We’re happy to chat! Call 818-212-9201 or email Jeremy@BroekmanComm.com to discuss collaboration.

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Guide to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Guide to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Metrics for Return on investment + Return on Engagement.

In the past 3-4 years, marketing has evolved exponentially beyond hits, visitors and referral traffic. (Note, if you don’t know what these terms are, click here to see “guide to website visitor tracking.”). Today, a successful marketer needs to be aware and gather intelligence from multiple business units to truly get the full picture.

Return on Investment (ROI) is permanently engrained in the brains of all marketers and sales mavens. The term Return on Engagement (ROE) surfaced to help measure investment of time and the return from inbound marketing, outbound marketing, lead generation, social media and other online marketing tactics. Both are equally important, and both have a place in a marketing intelligence report to upper management.

KPIs are the Key Performance Indicators that represent your company’s digital footprint & online success.

Below is our TOP TEN list of KPIs we track.

1. Sales Revenue

To determine how effective your inbound marketing campaigns are performing, you must understand how much revenue your inbound marketing campaign has brought in. Gaining access to your sales revenue reports will give you a thorough understanding of what activities are working and see the differences between inbound and outbound marketing & sales.

2. Cost Per Lead

Understanding what your cost is to acquire a customer will give you a true measurement of your online success. Being able to differentiate between your inbound and outbound marketing and being able to determine which ads, emails, marketing automation or PR campaigns led to the lead will give you an informed outlook. When determining the true cost, don’t forget to include relevant costs including technology/software, CRM platforms, advertising, marketing distribution and overhead.

3. Customer Value

Keeping tabs on your customers is a natural part of any good customer retention cycle (and winback program). Managing outreach programs to current customers on a monthly and/or quarterly basis helps measure happiness, solicit satisfaction and find feedback.  Plan out your touch points carefully and strategically. In the Buyers-focused sales cycle, building rapport and nurturing relationships is key.

4. Inbound Marketing ROI

Measuring the success of advertising spend against sales will absolutely help you determine if you want to continue said advertising campaign. Return on investment means more than just measuring budgets, it is about determining which marketing functions and activities are working and, with some proper forecasting, should dictate future opportunities.

5. Traffic-to-Lead Ratio

Website traffic is one key factor in measuring differences between organic vs paid traffic, social media driven vs referral traffic, and backlinks vs SEO-based campaigns. By tracking traffic-to-lead ratio, one can see the relationship between a low ratio and missing or bad on-page SEO content or where bad campaigns are leading people to the wrong places. With a good strategist behind you and focus on conversion rate optimization, you can control the situation and CHANGE your website text, layout, UI design, forms, theme, etc.

6. Lead-to-Customer Ratio

Do you know how well your sales team is performing? We as marketers have to find ways to attribute sales success to our campaigns. Measuring qualified vs accepted leads will help track what business a rep would have gotten already (repeat business, walk-in traffic or past referral) versus genuine NEW lead (landing page, social media form conversion, etc.). Real campaigns are measured in real time and have REAL sales measurement tools in process to track and follow. You can go old school with good team communication and an Excel spreadsheet or via daily/weekly production meetings or you can deploy CRM software that all are inputting into the central repository. Interpreting that data – you as a marketing professional have to step up!

7. Landing Page Conversion Rates

As a WordPress maven, we’ve been preaching about utilizing landing pages and A/B testing to determine what content is leading your Calls to action – Your CTAs). It’s one thing to get a beautiful landing page and it’s another to design it to leapfrog ahead of your competitors or to meet the UI tastes & preferences of your intended audience.

Measuring the conversion rate will help you find out what landing pages are successful and which ones are underperforming. Form there, you can do A/B testing to see how changes affect sales. From redesign to copywriting to applying advertising methodologies (celebrity endorsement, testimonials, reviews, awards, etc.), managing is key to improving foot traffic and manipulating your lead ratio.

8. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is your website’s natural “resting face” in search and how people naturally find you when searching without an actual inbound marketing campaign, pay-per-click ad, referral article, etc. In other words, no SEO-induced or paid online marketing tactical traffic, but just good old fashioned word of mouth or I stumbled on you. Every site wants to achieve this status. How we monitor, manage and maintain this MUST be part of your long-term SEO strategy/PR game.

9. Social Media Traffic (and Conversion Rates)

Having a strategic social media platform is vital in today’s marketing. Every client we consultant, we make sure to educate on the direct relationship with the DNA of our intended customer(s) and matching social media tools that reach those individuals or groups. For the author, Linkedin plus Pulse plus Slideshare have been proven tools. Whereas the average artist or retail outlet, Facebook plus Pinterest plus Instagram plus Twitter have been invaluable tools. The goal is to determine what your Return on Engagement (ROE) is. We do this through tracking referral traffic from social media, tracking social media channel lead conversions and through ASKING customers how they found us! At times there are opportunities to source that referral.

10. Mobile Traffic, Leads, and Conversion Rates

Optimizing your website for mobile is key. In fact, every new website we design, we START with designing in mobile and tablet view and FIGHT focusing just on desktop/laptop perspectives. Nearly 60-70% of foot traffic for most websites are first from a mobile device. Optimizing for this is no longer an option; it’s a priority.

Google Analytics, Statcounter and other website traffic tools all offer mobile vs desktop statistics. Marketing must have the finger on the pulse of tracking bounce rates from mobile devices, conversion rates, traffic per device/browser, errors and dead links, etc.  If you know what content isn’t working, you can improve the copy/content and user experience/design, which, with proper SEO and optimization work, will help with future mobile conversions.


What’s My SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.

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