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How to create QR Codes

How to create QR Codes
QR codes (or Quick Response codes) are those awesome bar code looking boxes you have been seeing everywhere from posters, magazine ads, theatrical billboards and juice boxes (yes, I have kids).
Using a cool APP QR Code Reader (like this one in iTunes) on your mobile device (yes including your iPhone 5) or tablet (okay fine, your iPad mini or iPad 2), you’ll be able to READ that bar code that is storing…..
  • WEB URLs for quick & easy jump to your company’s or organization’s website
  • PROMO codes for deals, coupons
  • Special WEBSITE LANDING PAGES to promote special events, deals, press and more
  • Phone numbers or email addresses so that your visitors can find out WHO TO RSVP for that party
  • Or ANY INFORMATION for those participating in your ONLINE or brick-and-mortar Scavenger Hunt.
FOLKS, it’s time to get serious as QR codes can store up to 4296 characters!!! That’s a lot of words!!

As QRStuff puts it = “Think “print-based hypertext links” and you’ll get the idea.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 2.16.46 PM

Speaking of QR Stuff,
I dig their QR Code creator.
With their free version you get access to basic QR code great
for Web, email & social media.


When you need something HIGHER RESOLUTION for PRINT & GRAPHIC DESIGN needs, then I turn to QR Code Generator . Just login and create account  and you can customize the pixel size to whatever you need!!!!!! http://www.the-qrcode-generator.com

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 6.03.39 PM

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