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Jotform Integration plug-in

Jotform Integration plug-in

Ever find your EMBED CODE disappears the next time you are in VISUAL MODE and you have to keep copying/pasting over & over again in TEXT?
Yep, me too.

SOLUTION: Install the free WordPress Jotform Plug=in! Works PERFECTLY!

INSTALLTION instructions
1. Install the plug-in via dashboard
2. Activate
3. Went to settings and JotForm Integration to enable “caching” of forms
4. Went to my respective pages & posts where I had the embed code….
and replaced with this SHORT CODE an open bracket “[” then “jotform id=XXXXXXXXXXXX” and then a close bracket “]”


Adding Forms to WordPress

Last Update: December 17, 2012 (COURTESY OF JOTFORM.COM)

Adding JotForm forms to a WordPress blog post is pretty easy.

1. On “Setup & Embed” tab on the toolbar, click on “Embed Form” button.

2. Click on “WordPress” option. 

3. Copy the code provided.

4. On a WordPress “Add New Page” page, click on “HTML” tab above post textarea.

5. Paste the code into the HTML area.

That’s all. Click on Preview on your WordPress to see your form.
Unfortunately, adding forms to WordPress.com is not possible sinceWordPress.com does not allow forms, javascripts or iframes.

Another alternative method specially for those who are having trouble with javascripts being stripped out. Simply install JotForm WP Plugin and then use  shortcode to anywhere on your WP page/post. You should replace XXXXXXXXXX with your Form ID in order for your form to work.
Here is a short step on how to install this plugin to your wordpress.
1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel
2. Go to Plugins >> Add New >> then search ‘jotform
3. You should see 1 result (JotForm Integration), click on Install Now 
4. Activate your Plugin and then use where XXXXXXXXXX is your Form ID anywhere on your WP Post/Page. Example:

That’s all. Thanks to Patrick Rauland for this very useful JotForm WP Plugin.

If you have any questions, please post it below.
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